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Success for the Department of Public Health and Environment in Colorado

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Solvet Services has successfully navigated the PPE marketplace showcasing uncommon results of successful order fulfillment to Federal and State Government Agencies, as well as some commercial businesses. Based on rapidly changing market demand and trends, we offer "on the ground stock" items so that they are readily available for customers to keep a consistent supply chain and to have quicker ship times.

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Success for the department of public health and environment in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is one of 16 cabinet-level departments whose executive director is appointed by the governor. Public health professionals use evidence-based practices in the public health and environmental fields to create the conditions in which residents can be healthy. In addition to maintaining and enhancing our core programs, the department continues to identify and respond to emerging issues affecting Colorado's public and environmental health.

Solvet recently partnered with the CDPHE in efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19. We spoke to Officer/Biosafety Coordinator of the CDPHE, Peter Davis, about his experience working with Solvet during this high-stress time:

"The Solvet team was able to acquire more than 4 million medical grade nitrile
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 gloves in less than 5 days. What made this such an accomplishment was the entire world was scrambling for these materials as manufacturers in South Asia were forced to shut down their production factories as COVID-19 cases increased in their respective nations. Solvet's boots-on-the-ground approach was the only way this was possible."  
- Peter Davis, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment          

Our Client's Success is Our Success

Our mission here at Solvet is to pursue an unyielding commitment to providing value to all stakeholders through relentless pursuit of quality improvement, optimal customer service, and strong business relationships. Our vision is to make a real difference for the Veterans and patients in need by leading the marketplace in innovative, value-based solutions. We set the standard of quality service, integrity, and successful sustainability for all service-disabled, veteran-owned small businesses. 

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